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The Covid Files: Separating Fact from Fiction

An ongoing series examining the pandemic in the absence of censorship

Looking back at the Covid pandemic in years to come, most will not remember the virus. What we will instead remember is the coming of age of social media, the lockdowns, loved ones dying in isolation, living with the constant fear of being infected, the near collapse of our healthcare systems, panic buying and then, the quarantines and mandates. Those memories, and the awful Orwellian realization for many, that our governments – elected and administrative – had unilaterally abused the power we had entrusted them with.

The articles will explore all the aspects surrounding the last three years and the draconian and, at times, absurd manipulation of the media to convey a narrative that, it turns out, had little to do with your health and well-being. Together, we’ll examine the demise of critical science, the death of which, some would argue, predates the pandemic. Covid vaccines and the novel technology used to deliver them (mRNA) will be placed under a critical microscope along with the origins of the virus that brought our world to a standstill.

There is no hidden agenda in this series, the articles should rather be seen as a journey in pursuit of the truth. I make no bones about the fact that I abhor what has transpired over the last three years and establishing the truth matters, to our collective futures and for the sake of restoring credibility in what was once an honorable and ethical profession. The science of medicine.

I will refer frequently to the Covid vaccination strategy as the largest global medical trial ever undertaken, the full effects of which, will only become apparent in the coming years. The 2011 H1N1 Swine Flu pandemic saw the development of a vaccine that was subsequently withdrawn. It took 3 years for the side effects of that vaccine to manifest in the vaccinated population.

Sound critical science undertaken to improve lives, science that is open to criticism and uncensored peer review, cautious science, designed to protect and save lives – to do no harm – that is the science we should aspire to. Currently, under the duress of politics and profit, it can be argued that science has lost its way. Where that science relates to our health, our wellbeing is, as a consequence, jeopardized.

Take vaccines as an example, life-saving routine treatments critical to the safety of our children and the aged, and treatments we would administer with little thought to efficacy and safety. We knew they worked, and worked well. During the last two years, the Covid treatments labelled as vaccines have irreparably damaged the hard won credibility of vaccines in many people’s minds. Credibility that had taken generations to build. Ironic if you consider that the mRNA products are essentially gene therapies, rather than traditional vaccines as the public understand them.

Each article in this series will explore a different topic or issue, examining curated data and research we know to be accurate and discussing alternate viewpoints from the parties involved with a view to promoting free, uncensored debate where it so desperately needed. Topics will include the validity of the treatments (vaccines), mRNA technology, lockdowns and masks, virus origins, the actual reality of Long Covid, the impact of SARS-COV2 on our physiology and genome, pandemic politics, uncomfortable issues relating to censorship and conflicts of interest, persons of interest, regulatory bodies and more.

FOHI welcomes open, uncensored and constructive debate in the public domain and to that end, you can join the discussions on our forum to share your thoughts and ideas. Each article FOHI publishes enjoys its own space in the forum.

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Robert Turner
Robert Turner
Robert is the co-founder and Editor Emeritus of Medika Life and a prolific author on all things health related. He is involved in numerous health-related start ups that promote equitable and accessible care. His passion for the industry and a realization of healthcare's increasingly fragile future led to the creation of the FOHI. He is also the founder of Clinics IV Life, a non profit focused on providing maternal care to disadvantaged communities.

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