Critical Debate on the Future of Healthcare

Why Subscriptions

Our Rationale

Think of our subscriptions more as memberships. Almost every platform on the internet now requires you to register to access site features. Registering also helps a platform ensure it's dealing with real users, not bots.

FOHI offers two subscriptions, a free one that offers access to over 95% of our content (see alongside) and a paid subscription for medical and science based professionals.

Given the contentious nature of much of what we publish, we felt it was important for our readers to be able to offer their opinions, which is why we created the FOHI forum. Your free subscription or membership will give you full access to discussions and opinions on most of our content.

In short, subscribing will give you access to a wealth of information you can discuss in a secure environment and the opportunity to connect with your peers and expand your network.

A free subscription or membership for the general public that allows you access to all our content with the exception of a few specialized medical articles. Access to these articles is also restricted in the forum.

As a registered subscriber you will enjoy access to all the other content on FOHI as well as the ability to participate in debates on these articles in the forum. We monitor these discussions and our users can engage in open and respectful discourse in a secure environment.

Your profile on the forum and on FOHI can be personalized with an image, social media links and more. Part of our goal is to encourage the networking of like minded individuals so please do make use of these tools to expand your network.

You'll be prompted to register before selecting your subscription

Industry Professionals

A paid subscription for members of the medical and scientific community to enable discourse among colleagues in a secured environment on a range of diverse topics affecting healthcare.

Certain discussions can be delicate, requiring a specific background or training to understand the dynamics and subtle nuances of the opinions offered and how these may impact on the future of health. We appreciate the need to to be able to engage in these discussions and have strived to create this space.

You'll be prompted to register before selecting your subscription