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Nothing matters as much as language. It is how we understand each other and convey both the simplest and most complex ideas our societies depend on to function harmoniously.

We understand this and in an attempt to address each language with equal import we don't use translational services on this website. Rather, we choose to allow our authors to present their ideas, in addition to the English version, in their native tongues. We do this via a downloadable PDF document presented in the footer of the article, and on occasion, we may offer more than one translation of an essay. That is where you, our reader comes in.

If you are proficient in both English and your native tongue and feel so inclined, we would welcome your translation of essays that you feel bear real relevance to the future of health. Health is a global issue that surpasses geographic boundaries and racial and ethnic divides. It unites us and affects us all.

Each translation is credited and your efforts ensure a true global conversation. You can use the form alongside to submit your translation to us. Please note you will need to be subscribed to FOHI and logged in to use this form.

It is worth mentioning that we also encourage authors who are multilingual to submit their essays in all the languages they are proficient in. We convert non English submissions into PDF documents and append these to the essay.

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