Critical Debate on the Future of Healthcare

Author Profiles

Our society is privileged to have access to the thoughts and vision of the figures you'll see listed below. Some are considered visionary, some revolutionary and others still, as heretical. They all however share one common trait. They hold strong opinions on the future of our species. Opinions that are defined by their professions, industries that, without exception, play a role in the future of healthcare.

Stephen Schimpff, MD

Early career at the National Cancer Institute's Baltimore Cancer Research Center developing new approaches to infection prevention and treatment of leukemia and lymphoma patients. Then the head of infectious diseases and director of the University of Maryland Cancer Center followed by senior leadership positions in the Medical School and Medical System culminating as CEO of the University of Maryland Medical Center.

Now the author of 7 books on health and wellness, our dysfunctional healthcare delivery system & the crisis in primary care. Lover of nature. Happily married for 58 years.

Stephen Schimpff MD

Robert turner

Robert is the co-founder and Editor Emeritus of Medika Life and a prolific author on all things health related. He is involved in numerous health-related start ups that promote equitable and accessible care. His passion for the industry and a realization of healthcare's increasingly fragile future led to the creation of the FOHI to promote the free exchange of ideas between differing disciplines and how these impact the future of healthcare.

Jeff Livingston, MD

Jeff serves as the CEO of MacArthur Medical Center and a board certified obstetrician and gynecologist. A nationally recognized thought leader, speaker, writer, blogger and practicing physician, he is considered an expert in the use of social media to educate patients, using new and innovative technology to improve care outcomes and the patient experience.

Jeff serves as a consultant for Silicon Valley HealthTap, Inc. an interactive health 2.0 network employing mobile health technology to connect doctors with patients. He also serves as medical director for the FQHC Collins Clinic in Fort Worth and co-founded Medika Life .

Gil Bashe

Gil currently serves as the global health chair for FINN Partners. Considered one of the most influential voices in healthcare, his experience in the industry spans decades. Gil has led four top agencies cited by PRovoke Media (The Holmes Report/Inside PR) as "Healthcare PR Agency of the Year" winners. He is Medika Life's Editor in Chief and a Top 10 digital/health influencer. He serves on a number of national industry and patient advocacy boards.

Gil has led agency teams that contributed to numerous global med/tech and biopharma blockbusters in cancer, diabetes, heart, respiratory, women's health and non-communicable and orphan disease therapies. His background in payer, provider, policy, pharma marketing and patient-advocacy communications enables him to integrate ideas that impact patient access to health innovation.