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Clinics IV Life Launches a New Clinic Model to Change the Face of Charitable Maternal Care, Delivery to Impoverished Communities

MAY 30, 2023, AUSTIN, TX – Clinics IV Life, a Texas-based not-for-profit led by a global team of global humanitarians working to counter the climbing...

Lithium is the New Fossil Fuel

In the race to save the planet and wean ourselves off fossils fuels, Lithium has become the go to as a power source for emerging technologies. If it uses a battery, chances are it's a Lithium Ion battery

Forget Global Warming. Water Will Kill Us First

It's the one thing we take for granted far more than anything else. Water. Not just any water, but potable (clean enough to drink)...

The Case for Oversight of the CDC, FDA, EMA and MHRA

Authors note: For clarity, the acronyms above describe the Center for Disease Control (CDC, USA), the Federal Drug Administration (FDA, USA) the European Medicines...

A Foreword on The Future of Health Institute

We greatly exaggerate, at our own expense, the ability of doctors to cure us of the myriad afflictions that befall us. The idea that...

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