Critical Debate on the Future of Healthcare

Who are we?

To survive and thrive in the coming decades healthcare will need to overcome monumental challenges. We feel the industry would be best served by addressing these challenges with an holistic approach encompassing all the disciplines society offers. In fact, we believe that any other route will simply enforce current industry trends, where healthcare is skewed by profit, politics and technology. Skewed at the expense of the patient.

The sole purpose of the Future of Health Institute is to provide a forum for the thoughtful sharing, consideration and debate of the ills that plague healthcare, while actively pursuing workable solutions.

The ideas you'll find on our pages stem from the minds of some of the most talented and gifted individuals involved in healthcare, each specialists in their chosen field. Without fail, the names you will see credited as authors on published essays share one unique bond. A deep and driving desire to mend and repurpose medicine. for the benefit of all patients.

It is our fervent hope that by gathering this unique body of work, we can offer those who plot out healthcare's future a different perspective, insights to direct the industry towards a more service orientated tomorrow. A tomorrow that focuses on providing care for all, irrespective of race, gender, color or creed. If we cannot strive now to protect and care for our fellow man, what hope then for our future?

Robert Turner, Founding Editor - Oct 2022

What we are not

We are not political

You will find material here from every spectrum of the political arena, both left and right wing opinions and thoughts from those who occupy the middle ground.

We do not support dogma

We are sold on the idea of respectful debate and dialogue. The free exchange of ideas and the ability to critique said ideas without fear of reprisal are integral to furthering understanding. Debate with us, it's the path to enlightened progress.

We do not support censorship

We believe in freedom of speech insofar such freedoms do not impinge on the humanity of particular groups or individuals. We do not publish racist or divisive materials on FOHI. Our goal is seeking solutions, not entrenching perceived differences.

We are not profit driven

Our board comprises members who believe passionately in patient centered medicine. Many of our members are entrepreneurs, embracing technology, the interests of the patient and developing new models of delivery for archaic services.

Language Selection

We provide native language translations for an essay if it is penned by a non-English speaking author. All essays are however primarily published in English to enable the broadest base for global discussion. Translated or "original language' versions, where available, can be accessed from the downloads bar below the essay. These works are available in PDF format and most modern browsers can be used to read them.

Why do we not offer the site in different languages?

First of all, it's a technical nightmare, with some languages requiring right to left reading and display. Yes, we could ignore these, but we have rather chosen not to prioritize one language over another. The answer, and one that enables us to cater to every language, is to package the essay as a PDF (Portable Document Format) which you can either view in your browser or download for later consumption.